Do you realize the potential impact you have as a parent?

Do you realize the incredible role you play in multiple kids lives everyday?

You just might be changing the world through carpool and you didn’t even know it!

Here’s a recent article I wrote on this topic (and many thanks to Youth Specialities for publishing it!!!)

As I hung up the phone with a student’s mom, it occurred to me that this parent was doing a better job at youth ministry than I was. (I get that same feeling when I watch Coach Taylor in Friday Night Lights, but that’s the subject of another post.) Have you ever thought about how much time parents spend with students who are not their children? Parents are driving carpools, hosting sleepovers, having parties and events, attending school functions, and just being in and around the community.

I’m constantly aware of my limitations as a youth pastor in the areas of time and influence. I often wish I had more time with a particular student or group of students, and I wish the same for my volunteers.

During that phone call, I heard a parent express concern for a student who was not hers, and I realized that many parents are doing youth ministry—they just don’t realize it.

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